Embracing Functional Elegance In The Kitchen

A beautifully designed kitchen with all the essentials and restaurant supplies is motivating for every chef and anyone who loves to cook. The following are tips on how to keep your kitchen functional and looking radiant.

Kitchen must-haves and which ones to consider buying

Instant read meat thermometers are essential if you don’t want to keep burning your meat constantly. IGrill2thermometer is recommended by the website www.gayot.com. It uses smartphone technology to enable one measure the temperature of different meats and it costs one hundred dollars. However,if this is on the pricey side for you other great alternatives exist like the Thermoworks Thermopop which goes for thirty dollars and is foldable allowing for easy storage .Another is the Thermoworks Splash-Proof Thermapen.

Weighing appliances are a must have so as to prevent guessing of ingredient amounts. Digital scales are now affordable and easy to obtain .www.theindepent.co.uk lists the following electronic scales as the best in the market currently; Terrailon Electronic which comes with LCD light and a bell. Salter Stainless Electronic Scale is recommended by Gayot.com. It has increased efficiency because it is easy to clean.It costs eighty dollars.Other good ones are Kitchencraft cast-iron scales, the Bugatti Uma Weighing Scales and Timer, the Morphy Richards three in one digital which can be used for mixing serving as well as washing and the Soehnle Food Control Easy diet scale which can aid even in weighing calories.

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Proper cutting appliances are essential in every kitchen because almost every recipe requires cutting or dicing of an ingredient. The first cutting appliance you should have is a good knife. www.gayot.com advises one to purchase a Shun Classic 7-inch Santoku Knife. It is originally from Japan and is durable and easy to handle.This easy to use knife only costs one hundred and fifty dollars. Another website www.epicurious.comon the other hand advises one to buy the global G-2-8 inch cook’s knife. This is designed to enable a chef to achieve precision and also for heavy duty cutting and only costs one hundred dollars. Epicurious.com also suggests owning a De Buyer Swing Mandoline which enables thin dicing and only costs one hundred and ten dollars.Gayot.com recommends Jenaluca Herb Scissors for the same purpose which only costs twenty dollars.It also recommends the Kyocera 6-piece Ceramic Grate Piece set which apart from slicing allows one to grate as well has a storage compartment and only costs fifty three dollars. Apart from cutting appliances, one needs a proper chopping board. These go hand in hand and an example of a good chopping board is the Proteak Rectangle Chopping Board that can be obtained at only ninety six dollars at the Proteak official website.